Co-Curricular Activities

As a school, we strongly believe that learning also happens outside the classroom walls and we highly encourage students to engage in the programme.

The Co-Curricular Programme (CCP) strives to give YCIS students an opportunity to take part in a wide range healthy lifestyle (such as sports), service, cultural and problem-solving skills activities, allowing them to excel in these areas and to broaden their field of interest. We provide a wide range of activities/experiences to give each student an opportunity to participate in the CCP.

Our CCP is offered in two sessions per year.

This semester we were excited to be able to offer our students over 50 different options to choose from! These included the following:

Creativity in the Arts: We desire all our students to have opportunities to experience elements of different cultures, to increase their skill in musical instruments, and to undertake new and exciting challenges in expressing their creativity. Some of these clubs include Orchestra, Percussion Club, Chinese Traditional Dance, Violin, Ukulele, Painting, Pottery, and Drama.

Academic Workshops: We are always looking to provide our students with both new opportunities to apply what they are learning in class, as well as help to scaffold what they have been learning throughout the day.

Our academic clubs include Model United Nations, English and Chinese Language Clubs, IB Economics, IB Korean, targeted writing classes, Study Skills, and Mathematics classes

YCIS soccer field and indoor gym

Sport Clubs: Whether individual or team sports, after-school activities help our students develop healthy lifestyles and build healthy habits for the future. An active body outside the classroom encourages an active mind inside it.

Our sports offerings include archery, table tennis, soccer, volleyball, baseball, swimming, Taekwondo,and Parkour.

YCIS has various sports teams and students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of inter-school programmes. There is swimming programme for students in Year 5 and up. The Secondary Section is an active member of the competitive team sports organisations, such as the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS), and the Southern China International Schools Athletic Conference (SCISAC) in three core sports: volleyball, basketball, and soccer.

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