Campus & Facilities

At YCIS Chongqing, our school facilities embody the unique spirit and philosophy of YCIS. Here, children can explore knowledge, exercise their minds and bodies, engage in artistic pursuits, build social skills, and find their sense of belonging – all in a vibrant, multicultural setting.

YCIS Primary classroom


Every classroom at YCIS is equipped with interactive Smartboards and the latest learning devices and equipment to ensure that our students are abundantly prepared for their future. Additionally, in order to ensure a healthy and focused learning environment, air filtration system is installed in each classroom.

YCIS Chongqing computer lab

Dedicated Function Rooms

Our dedicated science, art, and music rooms are provided with a vast range of equipment and supplies, allowing students to learn to their maximum potential. Our computer labs are also equipped with the latest hardware and software; not only for computer classes, but also as tools for learning across the curriculum.

School library


At YCIS, our libraries have extensive collections of literature, in both English and Chinese, helping to empower our students as truly global citizens who are familiar with both languages and cultures. Cozy reading nooks and quiet study areas are also available in our libraries to help foster an enjoyable and focused reading and learning atmosphere.

Sports Areas

Staying in shape, playing with friends, and improving athletic skills are all important at YCIS. Gymnasiums, outdoor sports field and school playgrounds, and safe play areas ensure that all of our students are able to stay active. We also offer a large variety of competitive sports on our campuses as a popular component of our Co-curricular Programme.

YCIS Primary playground

Around the School

Our campus is warm and colourful and a place of learning, with student artwork beautifying our walls. Multi-purpose rooms are available for parent activities, physical education lessons, and assemblies, while our full-service cafeterias help to encourage our students to make healthy meal choices every day.

Virtual Tour

We hope you will have an opportunity to visit our campuses soon and see for yourself what makes YCIS special! We also invite you to take a Virtual Tour of our campuses by clicking here.

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