Upper Primary

In our Upper Primary programme, children in Years 4–6, aged seven through eleven, start to develop independence and heighten their critical-thinking skills, all necessary for their successful transition into our Secondary programme.

YCIS Primary students study Chinese and Chinese culture at school

Chinese Language and Culture Programme

In our renowned Chinese Language programme, our Upper Primary students study one hour of Chinese language every day, based on their learning level. Our oldest elementary aged children also start to learn about Chinese culture in more depth, and they participate in one hour of Chinese Studies lessons with their Co-Teachers each week. The Co-Teachers also support their English and Chinese language development over a range of subjects by teaching core class material in both languages.

Kindness, diligence, and responsibility are part of the character education at YCIS

Character Education

As a school committed to offering its students a global education, our Character Education programme helps foster confident, balanced, and socially responsible individuals. Through our Character Education programme, our students participate in meaningful lessons focused on developing critical character values such as kindness, diligence, and responsibility. A new character trait is introduced monthly, and Co-Teachers encourage and reinforce these qualities through lessons, activities, and teachable moments.

YCIS students perform music at the annual concert


During weekly music lessons, our Upper Primary students sing songs and play instruments with increasing confidence, skill, expression, and awareness of their own contribution to groups and school performances. At this age, our students also start to develop their own musical compositions, helping to strengthen their personal involvement, independence, and creativity.

Two YCIS students doing painting


In art lessons, our YCIS Upper Primary students develop their creativity and imagination through more complex activities. Our Art programme builds on students’ skills and helps to improve their use of materials, tools, and techniques. Students also explore more of the purpose and history of art and design at various periods and throughout a range of cultures.

Two YCIS students play basketball in school gym


In our Upper Primary programme, students enjoy being active and using their creativity and imagination in Physical Education (PE) classes. Whether on the field, court, or gymnasium, students learn new skills, and find out how to use them in different ways to make actions, phrases, and sequences of movement. Our students enjoy the opportunity to communicate, collaborate, and compete with each other as they also develop an understanding of how to succeed in different activities and evaluate their own performance. Students in our Upper Elementary years also have the opportunity to join competitive team sports for the first time through Co-curricular activities.

Out of town excursion in Xian

Trips and Excursions

For our Upper Primary students, we host a number of educational trips and excursions throughout the school year that are integrated carefully with classroom learning. Our older Primary students also have the chance to develop independence and collaboration skills outside the classroom during several overnight camps and excursions throughout the school year.

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