Lower Primary

Our Lower Primary programme is for students in Years 1–3, aged five through eight. At YCIS, we are committed to offering a global education, characterised by our distinct multicultural and bilingual learning environment.

YCIS Primary students study Chinese and Chinese history school

Chinese Language and Studies Programme

In the Lower Primary years, lessons in our pioneering, research-based Chinese Language Programme begin. Each school day, our students have one hour of Chinese language lessons based on their learning level. Additionally, to further integrate our students into the dynamic culture of their host country, they take one hour of Chinese studies lessons a week. Our Co-Teachers also aid in furthering students’ language development by supplementing core lessons in both English and Chinese throughout the school day.

YCIS students are Developing moral character through different activities

Character Education

Our Character Education curriculum provides meaningful and memorable lessons focusing on the development of a moral character based on Christian values. Using resources from a programme called “Character First”, students learn about integrity through stories, history, and nature, as well as through reading, drama, and arts and crafts.

YCIS students learn the violin as a part of the robust music curriculum


All Lower Primary students learn the violin as a part of the robust music curriculum designed to help build a foundation of instrumental skills, as well as a lifelong appreciation for music. During violin lessons, classes are divided into groups according to ability and experience, with lessons being taught by specialist violin teachers. Beyond the violin, students also take weekly music lessons and experience a great number of musical activities and instruments, as well as explore a wide range of live and recorded music from different eras and cultures. The YCIS Music curriculum also allows for an abundance of performance opportunities throughout the school year to help develop students’ confidence and presentation skills.

YCIS  students develop their creativity and imagination through art class


Through our Art curriculum, YCIS Primary students develop their creativity and imagination. Art lessons focus on building students’ fundamental art skills, and students practise with a wide range of materials and processes available in our large and bright art studios. Our experienced art specialists also teach children about the purpose and history of art, craft, and design in different time periods and cultures.

YCIS students have PE class in school gym


In Lower Primary, our Physical Education programme develops students’ fitness, co-ordination in movement, and co-operation with teammates through games, gymnastics, and dance. Students learn ball-handling and equipment skills that are applicable to many different sports. During dance activities, students use movement imaginatively, helping to develop their co-ordination awareness. Primary students are also encouraged to get involved in the large range of Co-curricular sports activities available at all of our campuses.

YCIS students have excursions outside campus

Trips and Excursions

Throughout the school year, we hold several trips and excursions for our Lower Primary students. From parks to museums, and Chinese cultural sites to farms. These field trips are integrated into the broader YCIS curriculum and students are encouraged to reflect with their Co-Teachers’ guidance once they return to their classrooms.

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