Message From Our Co-principals

Welcome to Yew Chung International School of Chongqing (YCIS Chongqing). We are delighted that you are considering enrolling your child with our school.

Our purpose at YCIS Chongqing is to assist students with their transition from one country or one education system to another, to provide high quality education and to introduce students to the fascinating cultural and historical heritage of our host country.

Our students study a truly unique research-based international curriculum that merges the best of Eastern and Western traditions and provides students with an authentic immersion into Chinese culture within an international framework. This allows us to approach the study of world issues from a global perspective, foster cultural respect and develop fluency in two major languages of the 21st century. We place great value on character development and provide a wide range of activities such as arts, drama, music, sports and leadership opportunities to capture a child’s interest at all levels. This is what we refer to as “global education”.

As the world changes and faces globalisation, we pride ourselves on preparing our students to become adaptable, multilingual global citizens fully prepared to emerge into positions of great worth within society.

Thank you for considering YCIS Chongqing as your endeavours to fully prepare your child for a competitive multicultural world.

Neil McBurney and Sophie Che

Co-principal Neil McBurney

Neil McBurney

Neil McBurney has been the Western Co-Principal of YCIS Chongqing since 2016. Previously, he worked as a Principal in India, Venezuela and other cities of China. Mr McBurney holds a Diploma in Secondary Teaching and a Bachelor’s degree of Science, both from Monash University, Australia. He has over 35 years of experience in education, as a teacher and Principal. He and his family chose to pursue international learning opportunities in 1995 and have thrived in culturally diverse locations around the world. These experiences have enhanced his understanding of the global connections that are possible. He is certain that our young adults graduating from international learning environments are equipped with the skills for life.

Co-principal Sophie Che

Sophie Che

Sophie Che has been the Chinese Co-Principal of YCIS Chongqing since 2009. She previously worked as a Chinese Curriculum Co-ordinator in an international school in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Ms Che holds a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Sichuan Normal University, and a Master of Arts degree in Study Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from Sichuan University. Sophie has worked as a primary homeroom teacher in a public school, and taught IGCSE Chinese and IB Chinese A1 courses to international students. Ms Che firmly believes that students’ internal transformation is very important and it is well supported in YCIS Chongqing.

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