• YCIS Annual Seeds of Hope Trip

    On Thursday, January 16 2018, selected YCIS students, staff and parent volunteers traveled to Yuzhong Special Education School in Chaotianmen to deliver this year’s gifts from the 8th annual Charity Drive. This year we made some exciting changes in our planning of the event. In past years, we have collected shoeboxes full of gifts including winter clothing, stationary and toys for children in underprivileged homes. This year instead of shoeboxes, pink and blue gift bags were filled with winter clothes, stationary and toys, then delivered to students with special needs in Chongqing.

    After many weeks and hours of preparation, students, staff and volunteers set out to Chaotianmen in Chongqing for their special day of spreading holiday cheer and giving to those in need. Upon arrival at the school they were greeted excitedly by the schools head teacher. Everyone then divided into groups to distribute the gift bags to each individual class from Year 1-High School aged children. These children at Yuzhong Special Education School have a range of special needs including Autism, Intellectual Disability, Cerebral Palsy and other multiple disabilities.

    As students went into the classroom to deliver their gift bags, the faces of their peers showed pure joy and happiness. Students were eager to open their bags and try on their new clothing and play with their new toys. After some time for songs and getting to know each other, everyone from both schools gathered together to celebrate this time by taking photos and playing games such as bowling, indoor basketball, Duck Duck Goose, three legged races and hot potato. Students, parents and teachers were both excited and elated to share this wonderful time together. One student was so excited about the gloves he received he didn’t want to take them off even after needing to go inside for a break.

    An additional 73 gift bags have also been prepared for Wuxi Qingzhuangmingde Primary School and will be delivered to them by community volunteers following the Chinese New Year holiday. We look forward to sharing those photos with you after this additional delivery.        

    A sincere thank you to all YCIS families and staff who donated to this event and to the PO volunteers, staff and students that helped make this event successful. We are looking forward to next year’s Charity Drive and hope that as members of the YCIS family, we can continue to show how we follow our foundations motto: Yew Chung will align with LOVE and CHARITY!

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  • Sharing Our Planet

    Year 6 recently started their topic study of “Sharing our Planet” and students are asked to select a country or a region in different continents and make their own designs of leaflets, which introduce the country’s geographic location, time zone, climate, economy, and animals & plants in that country.A fundamental part of this topic is the exploration of environmental/sustainability issues that the place is challenged with and more importantly solutions to face them.

    This project based learning approach provides opportunities for students to practice their skills in collecting information from different resources such as internet, text book, and library. In order to finish the whole project, students are also required to apply the knowledge they learn from their subjects of English, Math, Science, Art, and of course Geography.

    The cross-subject type learning provides student better opportunity to understand objects from different angles and connect knowledge they learned in different areas. Year 6 teacher, Mr. Singh selected “Chongqing” and demonstrated the research work that he had done in order to make an example informative brochure!

    In the classrooms, besides listening to teachers’ speeches, Year 6 set up groups to discuss the materials teachers had delivered. The use of a study book and activity book allowed students to apply new skills and knowledge. This Geography subject matter will be relevant for when students carry out their project, based on their upcoming trip to Xian.

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  • Engaging with International Education Development of Liang Jiang District

    On Thursday, January 11, YCIS Chongqing welcomed Experts from The Chinese Society of Education, Chongqing Education Institute, as well as leaders and officials from Liang Jiang District Education Bureau, with the purpose of further developing international education in our district.

    The guests were introduced to Yew Chung and Yew Wah’s education history, including our Education Philosophy, Foundation History, Program and Curriculum, and student and staff demographics.

    School representatives also shared our practices in areas like Character Formation, Holistic Education, Global Citizen Learning Profile, Best of East and West, International Mindedness, Learning Community, and more.

    During the visit, school representatives and guests also exchanged ideas and opinions regarding the future development of Liang Jiang district’s international education.

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  • Alumni walked down the memory lane!

    Being an international student in the United States, I am often asked about the places I call home. Although I am a Hong Konger at heart, I am always eager to tell my peers about YCIS. Thirteen years of an international education has made Yew Chung my second home. This is why I was incredibly excited to visit this winter and come back to old faces – from the faces of the friends I’ve missed, to the faces of the teachers that have and continue to support my academic career.

    Applying to schools and moving abroad for a college education can be an overwhelming experience. Thankfully, my time at YCIS has helped make the transition enjoyable. With guidance from my parents, teachers and counselors, I entered the spring of 2017 with a collection of universities that really resonated with what I wanted out of college to choose from. Lehigh University is where I ultimately decided to enroll, and I have fallen for the school since. The university strongly promotes cross curriculum exploration, which makes my ambitions of studying both music business and sociology possible.

    Apart from swapping stories with current YCIS students about our respective fall semesters, it was exciting to see all the changes that the campus has undergone since summer. I look forward to visiting again soon and am keen to witness what’s next to come for YCIS CQ.


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  • November A Level Exam Results

    For the first time, YCISCQ had students sit AS level exams in November which make up 50% or more of their full A level results. Some examinations, like Chinese Language, are only offered in the November exam session.

    As the Year 13 class are the last cohort of students to complete Cambridge International A levels (students now study the IB Diploma program in Years 12 and 13) at YCIS, all eyes were on those who chose to sit exams. 

    Whether taking new exams or completing re-takes to improve previous scores, we’re very pleased to announce that all exam results in November earned an ‘A’ from Cambridge, the highest scores possible! The students who took these exams worked extremely hard to earn the results they received, and continue to work hard to ensure they can maintain the highest marks for their final examinations this May.

    Congratulations to those students, teachers, and families who certainly deserve recognition and praise for their success! We look forward to the continuation of this level of success during the upcoming May exam session.

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  • Welcome Back!

    Dear Parents,

    Yew Chung International School of Chongqing welcomes our new students and parents to Semester 2 of the 2017/18 academic year.

    You are certainly joining this progressive international school at an exciting time in its development. In early 2017, the school completed an international accreditation process with three educational bodies, CIS, NEASC and NCCT, which recognizes that YCIS Chongqing offers educational opportunities that meet their international standards. Additionally, we were granted authorization to offer the IB Diploma Programme to Year 12 & 13 students, which is considered the best pre-tertiary qualification anywhere in the world.

    YCIS Chongqing provides stimulating learning opportunities for your children and we encourage all our parents to utilize the many opportunities to become actively engaged with the whole school programme. All research indicates that children learn most effectively when families take an active interest in their child’s learning and work with us develop a positive and collaborative relationship that supports their child’s learning.

    We view the 2017/18 academic years as a ‘year of exploration’, building on the school’s strengths and unearthing potential within our students and staff. Our aim is to develop into one of the regions premier international schools, offering the IB Diploma Programme. I know you will be extremely impressed with the commitment and motivation of all our staff, teachers and support staff. 

    We welcome all our new families to the YCIS Chongqing community and encourage you all to actively engage in the whole school programme, fully participating in all school events, joining the very active Parent Organisation and supporting your child’s learning by communicating continually with the school. 


                                                                                                                                                                                    -- Western Co-Principal: Neil McBurney

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  • Holiday Spectacular

    To wrap up the end of the first semester and to celebrate the holiday season, the YCIS Secondary Department hosted a “Holiday Spectacular!” in the afternoon on December 21...

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  • “We’re Sending a Letter to Santa Claus!”

    On Wednesday December 20, YCIS Chongqing brought an end to the 1st Semester and calendar year with an annual Winter Christmas Concert called “Dear Santa”....

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  • YCIS Chongqing – Executive Functions

    YCIS Chongqing has introduced a formal Executive Functions curriculum this school year. Students in Years 5, 7 and 9 will complete a full course...

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