Honoured in the Community

  • Honoured in the Community
  • Honoured in the Community

YCIS Chongqing students have many opportunities to interact with and support not only the local community, but organisations all over the world. With the school motto of “align with culture and arts”, as well as “align with love and charity”, YCIS students continue to develop their own, individual characters while actively participating as a part of the greater society.

Each year at Christmas time, YCIS Chongqing makes an effort to give something back to disadvantaged local children who have perhaps never experienced the joy of Christmas. For the last three years, YCIS Chongqing families have put together Christmas boxes to donate to poor students in rural schools. Our Student Council then has the privilege to visit these schools and hand-deliver the Christmas boxes. Shoe box drive brings not only gifts but also love and warmth to these young children and the community they live in.


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